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In 2017 FxD.BLN was founded. From there a Community grew which started to organise Nightrides, Alleycats and other events. The team was built from young and motivated people and an already more experienced and organized generation. Just like our riding style changed over the yeas so did our community from Race-Fokused training into FixedGear-FreeStyle trick sessions.
We very proud that there is so much we can show you and super thankfull for everyone who has beliefed in us on our journey.


The Nightride was the start of everything. A point to meet other riders get inspiration and to discuss every aspect of Fixed-Gear. In the beginning it was new for us and we just started to meet and explore our city. After getting to know each other better out night rides started to grow in organisation. Now our goal to inspire new and old riders to be part the scene and be part of what we have built and to keep growing stronger.

As our passion for ticking and Fgfs grew we explored how we can share it with all of you. This is where our passion for cameras become more present in our lifes.
In 2020 we launched our Video-Series called "ChainReaction". This was the next step for us to interact world wide with Fixed-Gear riders.

With our Shop we have the goal to give also smaller brands a screen to get seen. It’s very important for us to bring the Communty together world wide.
Even more we are just honored to work with so many intresting people and hope you like our selection products.
This dream from one of the earliest days was always in our mind and we are so happy that we have the opitionety to share so many things with all of you!

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